FunkyGolf Belt

We, at FunkyGolf, are very proud to announce our exciting, new, ‘revolutionary’ and design-registered leather golf belt and buckle with a built-in divot-tool and marker.

The divot tool and ball marker are built into the golf belt buckle creating a funky, multi-functional belt.


The buckle is designed to be interchangeable, so can be paired with the belt color of your choice!

The divot tool slides into the belt buckle and is held in place by magnets. The marker is part of the divot tool and is also kept in place with magnets.

  • High quality materials and workmanship make our belt the perfect golf gift
  • Comes packed in its own black box
  • Cast aluminum buckle and divot tool with a polished finished
  • Genuine leather belt
  • Reversible belt - the outside can be black, white or blue and the Inside is black
  • Belt width 4cm
  • Sizes of belts are 110cm (30-40cm) and 120cm (34-42)
  • We have added extra holes along the belt to allow for the length to be adjusted, making it suitable for more sizes
  • Each belt is individually marked 
It's a proudly South Africa product
South African registered design no. A2017/01593 to F2017/01600.”